In a suburb of a Buenos Aires neighborhood, Simón and Antonia live far from their dreams. He is sensitive, innocent and lonely; the frustrations that accumulated over the years, are appeased with alcohol. Imagine, in a woman, the salvation that moves him away from everyday melancholy. She sees in Buenos Aires artists the desire for possible transcendence. Gardel, solemn from the poster, smiles at him what could not be.

One night of rain, in a cabaret, the epiphany will occur. The musicians will parade across the stage as a reflection of their impossibilities. They will meet at the same table, and once they take the attention away from the show they will see that the possible side is on the other side of the table: perhaps not what is dreamed, but what is real.

A work that catches both children and adults, adaptable to open spaces or theatrical room.

Duration: 20 to 30min street - 45 min room.

Technical requirements:

- Minimum required scenic space: 5 meters in front by 3 meters in depth.

-Arm time: 35 min

 Unarmed time: 20 min


Tecnical rider:

All public

Duration: 30 min

Arming time: 40 min

Disassembly time: 30 min

 220 vl Power source

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