Ánima Company

The Ánima Company was formed by Lucas Manso and Sol Lavítola in 2008. The interest in the theater of animation and the making of dolls has led them to create a workshop for the creation of puppets and scenoplastic objects that they have kept alive from their origins where In addition to research and create their own characters and set design dolls on demand and dictate wood puppet construction workshops.

  His show "Dreams of suburb" synthesizes the research of all these years, finding a beautiful balance between theater, plastic arts and music.

Lucas  Manso

  Actor-puppeteer-scenoplastic artist

As an autodidact, he has been experimenting for more than 18 years and has been trained as a scenoplastic and manipulative producer of puppets and puppets in different shows.

He has taught puppet and puppet building courses and taken custom-made, special and customized works, carrying more than 100 scenoplastic realizations.

His training in puppet theater had as teachers to:

Guillermo "Toto" Castiñeiras (Clown), Ana Alvarado (Theater of Objects), Luciano Brindisi (Mime gestual), Diego Gilardi (Mechanics of dolls), Miguel Oyarzun Pérez (Cia. El Chonchon), Paula Vidal, Gabriel Von Fernandez (Theater of shadows), Jorge Rivera Woolands.

Since 2008 he has been part of the company "Marionetas Anima" together with Sol Lavitola performing shows and giving workshops in his own space.

At the moment it also forms part of the Cía de Circo-Teatro "Barlovento".

Sol Lavítola

She is a puppeteer, filmmaker and illustrator.

His research in the puppet theater began in 2002, when he was eighteen years old, when he met Pepe García, who would be his teacher. Together with him and the Company "The Four Cats" he took the first steps in the manipulation of glove puppets and bocones, and made innumerable presentations in Argentina.

He then continued his training with different puppeteers such as Miguel Oyarzum (Guignol), Camilo De La Spriella (string puppets), Pierrik Malebranche (Physical and objects theater), Rafael Curci (Theater of objects and shadows), Daniel Di Lorenzo (Guignol) among others, with whom he explored various construction and handling techniques.

He trained as a plastic artist, illustrator and music.

In 2008, together with Lucas Manso, he formed his own workshop called "Ánima", where they investigate in depth the technique of string puppets and develop a fine work in the construction of dolls and scenoplastic realizations.

Currently working on new creations for future shows.

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